Where To Find The Best Newborn Tiebacks!

Hello fellow newborn photographers!

If you've not stopped by before I'm Alanna and I'm a newborn and family photographer based in Kent. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful props to create those snaps that parents will treasure forever and I don't think there is such a thing as too many newborn tiebacks (my husband might disagree on that one!).

Whether you're in the USA, Australia, Canada or the UK (like me!) it's possible to find a range of newborn tiebacks and props to tie your looks together so without further ado - here are some of my favourite tieback prop shops with links to website's, Facebook pages and all the info on what they carry, what their price ranges are and where they ship to to save you some time (because as we all know there's just never quite enough time in the day for all that editing!).


Poppy and Cy https://poppyandcyhandmade.com/

For their latest releases check out their Facebook page @poppyandcyhandmade and join their Facebook VIP group.

Floral, jewels, faux leaf skeletons and gemstone bands.

Price Range: $18 - $32

Shipping: FREE Domestic Shipping over $125 with code FREESHIP at checkout. Will ship internationally.

Baby Birdie Boutique https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/babybirdieboutique

Florida-based newborn tiebacks in many colours including burgundy and duck egg blue. Floral tiebacks, velvet bows, tieback and wrap sets, felted wool hearts – lots to choose from!

Facebook: @birdiebabyboutique

Price Range: $9 - $30

Shipping: Approx. £3 within the US. £12.51 standard international shipping

Huckleberry Baby


Chiffon bows, angora rosettes, floral tiebacks, velvet bows, beaded boho bands. They have both small and dainty tiebacks and also medium sized tiebacks. Matching tiebacks, wraps and posing fabrics available as bundles.

Join their VIP group for their latest releases.

Price Range: $15 - $26

Shipping: Free USA shipping on $175+ orders. Only ships within the USA.

Goodnight Moon Props


Intricate bead and floral tiebacks, wisp bows, fabric flower tiebacks. Also carry newborn bonnets and outfits.

Join the VIP Group.

Facebook: @GoodnightmoonProps

Price Range: $15 - $35

Shipping: Free US Shipping on orders over $150. Flat Rate to Canada is $5 on orders over $200. Flat rate international shipping is $7 on orders over $300.

Vanilla Lullaby https://www.vanillalullaby.com/password

Floral tiebacks and halo’s. Join the VIP Group.

Facebook: @vanillalullabyprops

Price Range: ? Shipping: ?

A.V. Props


One-of-a-kind newborn floral halos. They also sell intricate sitter session oufits.

Facebook: @Angivprops

Price Range: $18 - $62

Shipping: FREE US shipping.



Intricate tiebacks, bonnets, halos and crowns for newborns. Chiffon, jewels, butterflies and starfish are just a few decorations that feature in their designs. They also carry some beautiful sitter session rompers! Can accommodate custom orders.

Facebook: @pinkytinksboutique

Price Range: $18 - $98

Shipping: ?

Golden Stitch Prop Shoppe


Dainty bead and bow tiebacks and floral tiebacks for newborns. They also sell sleepy caps, wrap sets and layers.

Facebook VIP Group.

Facebook: @goldenstitchprops

Price Range: $15 - $37

Shipping: FREE domestic shipping on orders over $150.

Threads & Evergreen


Mainly specialising in newborn/sitter outfits but also carry intricate flower halos.

Facebook: @threadsandevergreen

Price Range: £48 - £68

Shipping: Free US domestic shipping on orders over $199 use code: FREESHIP

Ivy & Twine


All sales done through their Facebook VIP group (above).

Newborn velvet floral tiebacks, chiffon flower tiebacks, lots of neutral tones.

Facebook: @ivyandtwineprops

Price Range: ?

Shipping: Shipping available to US and Canada only.

Steele Stitches / Simplicity Props


Join the Facebook VIP Group.

Specialising mainly in newborn bonnets/wraps/backdrop fabrics but also sell a few select newborn tiebacks.

Price Range: $15 - $31

Shipping: FREE shipping on orders over $150 in the US.

Ivy & Nell


Extravagant floral halos and pastel stretch knit floral tiebacks.

Facebook: @Ivyandnellbaby

Price Range: $12 - $36

Shipping: ?

United Kingdom:

Cherry Blossom Props

Small selection of wisp bows, floral halos and dainty tiebacks. I ordered and am OBSESSED with their succulent tieback. They also carry newborn wraps and matching posing fabric and basket layers.

Website: https://cherryblossomprops.com/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CherryBlossomPropsUK

Facebook: @cherryblossomprops

Price Range: £8 - £30

Shipping: Approximately £3 within the UK. Approx. £10 to the US, Canada or Australia.

Created By Carli


Flower halo’s, velvet tiebacks, floral tiebacks, lots of green, creams and whites. Facebook: @createdbycarli

Price Range: £5 - £24

Shipping: Within the UK is about £4.50 whether 1 or more headbands.


Laya Belle *Closing down

No website.

Silk and chiffon floral tiebacks and jersey bow tiebacks in a range of colours. Based in Calgary.

Facebook: @LayaBellePropsandAccessories

Price Range: $11 - $15 CAD

Shipping: FREE shipping within Canada and the USA during their closing down sale.

Dear Felicity


Dainty floral yarn, stretch knit and velvet tiebacks for newborns sold in sets of 5 - 10. Also sitter session outfits. Based in Vancouver Island.

Facebook: @DearestFelicity

Price Range: $20 - $80 CAD

Shipping: Regular shipping rates to Canada and USA. Use Code FREESHIP2021 for Free Shipping!


Handmade Headbands By Sarah


Newborn floral headbands and halos. Succulent, sunflower and butterfly tiebacks.

Facebook: @handmadeheadbandsbysarah

Price Range: $7 - $13 AUS

Shipping: Worldwide shipping.

What are YOUR favourite prop shops for beautiful newborn tiebacks? I'd love to hear from you!

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